Terms & Conditions


Our aim at FCC Fire Cert Limited (“FCC”) is to provide all our clients with consistently top-quality services. This document explains the key terms on which we do business.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, FCC shall:

  1. carry out its services with all reasonable skill and care;
  2. calculate its fees on the number of hours worked, multiplied by the below hourly rates:
    (a) Director: €250 (excl. VAT)
    (b) Senior employee: €190 (excl. VAT)
    (c) Junior employee: €140 (excl. VAT)
  3. issue bills that are payable by return, and failing receipt of timely payment FCC may suspend work and/or charge late payment interest at the base rate of the European Central Bank plus 7% starting from billing and compounded monthly on the last day of each month;
  4. limit inspections to:
    (a) visual inspections;
    (b) passive fire protection systems;
    (c) Part B3 (Internal Fire Spread (Structure)) of the Second Schedule to the Building Regulations 1997 (as amended) compliance.
  5. limit, to the maximum extent permissible by law, the liability it may incur, whether based on negligence, breach of contract or on any other basis, to:
    (a) directly incurred, legally enforceable claims damages, costs, losses and expenses arising out of its services;
    (b) the amount equal to the total fees paid to FCC regarding the engagement; and
    (c) that proportion of the liability just and equitable to require FCC to pay having regard for FCC’s limited responsibility for same and on the basis that each consultant and contractor engaged by the client will be deemed to have provided (whether or not they will have done so) contractual undertakings in terms no less onerous than these terms regarding performing their services/work and will be deemed to have paid (whether or not they will have done so) to the client such portion which it would be just and equitable for them to have to pay having regard for their responsibility.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, FCC shall NOT:

  1. inspect fire equipment;
  2. be liable for any breach of contract after the expiry of the period of one (1) year from the delivery of its services;
  3. be liable for consequential or indirect damages or losses;
  4. have any liability whatsoever where the client has not paid FCC for its services;
  5. have any liability whatsoever for claims in relation to contamination, asbestos or pollution.
  6. undertake nor give any fitness for purpose warranty or guarantee regarding its services or any part thereof.

By working with FCC you accept that FCC may, in the course of providing services to you, receive and process information and personal data about you, your business, employees, agents or representatives. FCC will only use such information for the purposes of providing its services and for associated administration purposes.

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