Waterford Regional Hospital

An upgrade of the existing addressable FDAS constituting new control panels, new and additional hardware devices to provide L1 coverage and complete new wiring in a closed steel containment system design, as per IS 3218:2013 & HTM 05-03

The provision of a new addressable emergency lighting installation (in a closed steel containment system) and exit signposting to an environmentally friendly system that is LED (light emitting diodes) technology and be a fully intelligent addressable system with emergency lighting control panels installed throughout the hospital as per IS 3217:2013.

Full PSDP Services for the project which included:

  • Eliminating hazards and reducing risks; through design changes.
  • Communicating necessary control measures, design assumptions or remaining risks via a preliminary H&S plan to the PSCS (Project Supervisor Construction Stage) so they could be dealt with in the Construction safety and health plan.
  • Ensuring that the work of designers was coordinated to ensure safety.
  • Organising co-operation between designers.
  • Preparation of a written Health & Safety plan which was issued to the client prior to tender.
  • Preparation of a safety file for the completed structure which was issued to the client.
  • Notifying the Authority and the client of non-compliance with any written directions issued.





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